Fair Payment - Refund Policy


COVID-19 Refund Policy  In these times of concern, camping has been a symbol of hope and opportunity to allow for safe recreation outside our homes.  Within camp, we follow the safety protocols provided by the CDC , our Health Department, and other agencies.

The same basic refund policy remains in effect with the following addition.  In the event you or someone in your camping party (registered for your site) exhibit COVID-19 symptoms or test positive for the virus within 14 days of your reservation, we ask that you follow Health Department guidelines, stay at home, and seek medical attention.  We will issue a credit toward future camping for the same number of consecutive days your reservation has been paid for.  Credits are issued in the form of an eCoupon which does not include Holiday or Concert dates, which are subject to higher rates.

We are all in this together and want everyone to experience the amazing fun Jamming At The Ridge provides.


Payments for sites and rental units are non-refundableThis means we agree to hold a site or rental unit for our guests, and they agree to pay for a space rented during a particular time frame.  We do not double book and full payment is required in advance.

We want to be fair, and understand that Life Events Happen.  If you have a life event that prevents you from utilizing a reserved site or rental unit, let us know as soon as possible (but at least 7 days prior to your arrival date) and we may issue a non-cash camping credit to be used on another date within the next year (holiday and concert weekends are excluded, but any other available date may be reserved).

Concert Camping is non-refundableFunds from concert camping are used to pay the performers and other expenses.  We are unable to refund concert tickets as they pay for these expenses.  In the event of a show being rescheduled, reservations are transferred to the new date.  If the new date is unacceptable, a credit for the same number of camping days may be credited for another date.  In the event of show cancellation, a full refund of the camping fee value will be provided.

Concert Tickets are non-refundableFunds from Ticket purchases are used to pay the performers and other expenses.  We are unable to refund concert tickets as they pay for these expenses.  In the event of a show being rescheduled, tickets are transferred to the new date.  In the event of show cancellation, a full refund of the ticket face value will be provided.

In store purchase may be credited In the event a purchase is defective or broken, return it to the camp store with the original packaging for an exchange or store credit.

Revised 1/1/2015


Camping Policies & Courtesies

General Policies & Courtesies

  1. Park Speed Limit is 5 mph at all times for all vehicles.

  2. Fires are allowed within fire rings only, with flames no taller than 18".  Do not move rings.  Fires must be kept under control at all times and extinguished before leaving unattended.

  3. Quiet time is from 10:00 PM until 7:00AM. Minor children must be at their campsite by 10:00PM and under adult supervision at all times.

  4. Vehicles and RV's may not be washed, and watering lawns is prohibited. Report all water leaks or dripping faucets to the Office immediately.

  5. The damage or cutting of any trees or plant life is prohibited. If you're experiencing a problem, please come to the office.

  6. The Ridge NY has a zero tolerance for firearms and fireworks (or other incendiary devices). Violators will be evicted.

  7. Excessive noise, loud music or foul language is NOT OK at any time.

  8. Well behaved dogs are welcome. Proof of vaccinations is required. Pets must be on a physical leash no more than 6' while outside. Aggressive pets are not welcome (identified by growling, snarling, chasing, nipping, biting, etc).  Disruptive dogs will not be tolerated.  Pets must be cleaned up after immediately. Pets are not allowed in The Ridge NY buildings and, per sanitary health code, pets are not allowed in the pool area.

  9. Service Animals have always been welcome.  Please note that Emotional Support Animals are not service dogs and do not fall under the ADA requirements.  Misrepresenting an animal as a service dog is a violation of trust and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  Any animal behaving aggressively must be removed.

  10. The pool rules as posted must be obeyed at all times.  Never Swim Alone.  Two adults required for anyone to swim.  No swimming when gate is locked.  2 adults must accompany minor children at the pool at all times.

  11. Sewer hookups require elbow and sewer gasket to prevent spills.

  12. NYS Bicycle Law must be observed.  Bicycles may be operated in the campground during daylight hours only.

  13. Unlicensed drivers may not operate any motorized vehicle on camp property.  All vehicles must be registered.  ATV's and gas-powered scooters are not permitted.  Golf carts must register and comply with GOLF CART POLICY below.

  14. Management is not responsible for theft or loss of any kind, nor damage caused by fire, wind, accidents, vandalism, or acts of God.  Insure your vehicles and RV against these types of loss.

  15. Visitors must leave the park by 10:00PM.  Overnight guests, must register during normal business hours as posted on camp store door.

  16. Visitors and guests must register at the Office before entering the park.  All unregistered persons will be considered trespassers and will be evicted and/or prosecuted.

  17. Parking is limited.  All vehicles must be registered at the camp store and display a valid parking permit.  Vehicles not displaying a valid parking permit may be towed at owner's expense.

  18. No rock throwing.

  19. Please stay on The Ridge NY Property, Please Respect Our Neighbors and STAY OFF of their property.  Oat-ka Creek at the end of Conlon Rd, The Christmas Tree Farm, and The Farm Field to the north of camp are Private Property, please stay off.  The public fishing area is available for your use and maps are available in the camp store.


  1. Golf cart use is reserved for our seasonal guests and only with a valid golf cart permit.

  2. Proof of insurance is required before a permit will be issued to operate a golf cart.

  3. The 5mph speed limit must be observed at all times.  It is the responsibility of the driver to measure their speed.

  4. Golf carts may be operated after 8:00pm only with headlights operating.

  5. Golf carts may not be operated after 11:00pm (camp staff excepted for security and maintenance, etc.).

  6. The campground must be named as an additional named insured on the golf-cart insurance policy.

  7. It is the responsibility of the golf cart owner to ensure it is operated safely.  Golf cart owners accept all liability and responsibility for the actions of drivers of their golf cart.


  1. WiFi is provided as a FREE service for one device per site rented.

  2. WiFi is available at most locations throughout the park, but it is not guaranteed to work everywhere nor with every device.

  3. WiFi is a SHARED RESOURCE, thus it is limited to use for regular web pages, email and the like.  It is not intended to stream music or video.  Those who use this resource for that purpose are subject to this service being blocked.

  4. As with life and electronics, things break.  In the event the WiFi service is disrupted, The Ridge NY will attempt to fix it as soon as possible.  No warranty is expressed nor implied.  If you require a guarantee of service, please purchase a dedicated service.


We value your privacy.   All guest personal information is considered sensitive and not shared with anyone except in processing your reservation, ticket purchases, and other required uses to provide for your stay.


Credit card information is NOT STORED OR RECORDED.  Once your payment has processed, we remove all card information except the type of card and last four digits of the card number.

CARD ON FILE  provides for easy payment for your stay and other items.  This safe storage is handled by our credit card processor.  We do not keep your card information, it is stored on their server as an encrypted token.  If you wish to take advantage of this option, please stop in the Camp-Store to set it up.


​Credit / Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover)